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Function Band vs Originals – Part 2b – The Musician: Function.

Having looked at the Musician’s pros and cons for playing in an Originals band, it is only right that we now look at the flip side: the Function Band – many an outstanding musician has had their most enjoyment when playing in a function band. Read more…

Function Band vs Originals – Part 2a The Musician: Originals.

So we looked at the pros and cons of function bands and originals bands from the viewpoint of the customer… but what about the musician?!
Perhaps you are a musician looking to join a band and aren’t sure which way to go? Perhaps you are already in a band but not feeling completely satisfied/not getting enough gigs/want to play more styles? Perhaps you are in a function and an originals band and totally happy…or finding it too much! Or maybe you’re just interested in the viewpoint of a musician?!
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Function Band Vs Originals – Part 1 The Customer

Part 1 The Customer

Although the live music scene is not what it was, there is still a great need for live music in a whole heap of settings.

Large well-known Originals bands get to play the biggies…The Festivals and the massive arenas such as Wembley, NEC Arena, MEN Arena etc. They will have supporting bands (who may or may not be so well known), and people will pay as much as is asked for a ticket.
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The joy of playing in a Function Band

One of the great joys of playing in a function band is the variety of songs and styles which you get to play.

Originals bands are obviously focused on their own material, and whilst they may throw a couple of covers into their set, they will only be in the style of their own writings. Equally, tribute bands, (whilst ever so enjoyable!) stick with the one band’s set of songs which they are a tribute to.
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